Therapeutic CD

Meditation – Relaxation

cdfront-150x150CD Étoiles Cristallines
Artists: Ginette Labbé & Domenico Panaccione
Ginette & Domenico received an inspiration to make this CD. As sound therapists they use many different sounds in the healing work they do. You will hear and discover the Zaphir chimes which are unique and have 5 different sounds. These chimes for us are just as powerful as the Crystal Singing Bowls, but in a different way. It’s up to you to discover.
This CD was co-created for your well-being. This CD can also be used for all healing Practitioners, no matter what healing work you do, Yoga and meditation as well. There is not much to say it speaks for itself. The instruments used are the Zaphir Chimes, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal didgeridoo and other sounds. Welcome to the Universe of Sounds, Enjoy!


cd-berceuses-front-150x150CD Lullabies for Children of the Earth
Artists: Ginette Labbé & Domenico Panaccione
Both artists and sound therapists. This new Inspiration is very deep in vibrations, where you will feel deep Love and Tenderness. A call from Mother Nature.
You can meditate and play it through the healing work you do.
Massage the Children of all ages. Inside you will find Messages that speak for themselves, just like this CD.
Love Sounds and Light.

Important Do not listen while driving.

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