Crystal Healing Bed

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The Crystal Bed is a contribution to the Holistic Cure
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Since millenniums,  the Crystals were always associated with the cure of our body and Soul. In particular the Quartz is one of the curative and energy amplifiers most powerful on the planet. It resolves perfectly the energy to bring it in its possible optimal state, making it go up until the source of our discomfort.

It’s for this reason that it is particularly interesting to combine the Quartz Crystals with the colors which correspond to the various colors of our principal chakras. And here, the “Crystal Bath” is born. The idea is clever and saw the day in Brazil, Country of excellence for the Crystals.

In the middle of this immense country, on the high plains rich in Quartz layers, there is a spiritual center of cure is where the medium healer Joâo Texeira Da Fari also recognized on the name of Joao de Deus or John of God which channeled the Crystal Bed. The goal is to improve of many states of physical disease and psychological imbalances, the blocked feelings, the driven back emotions or the negative thoughts.

The Quartz is really a Master, who shows  us the way of the transformation and the cure. It is about a search of the cure of our body, it rebalances us and strengthens it, acts of a spiritual work, the Quartz Crystal is a subtle purifier of the Soul, which puts us in contact with the spiritual goal of our life.

The person is comfortably lying on a bed or on a massage table. To approximately twelve inches of its body seven transparent Clear Crystals of Quartz , which are aligned on the seven principal chakras on the human body and which irradiate coloured light, obtained by filters, towards each one of the respective chakras . The seven rods of quartz frayed at a peak act as a laser which focuses, accelerates and amplifies the energy in a narrow beam directed directly on the seven chakras.

The Quartz, in combination with the various colors, harmonizes and balances our chakras, our physical body just as the subtle bodies. It favorites the concentration, unblocks the memory and stimulates the immune system. The Quartz acts thanks to its vibration to rebalance the biomagnetic envelope (Aura) which surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body, and to treat the source of the disorder.

In the mental or emotional plan, Quartz draws aside the inappropriate attitudes, the exceeded models of thought and energy blockings. It fills the emptyness by the self-confidence and the feeling of its personal value, thus preventing the return of negativity.

The room is completely dark, only the seven colors leaving the quartz rods at quite precise intervals are visible, but we have our eyes closed  and a soft music or sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls or the sound bed invites us to the relaxation and the escape. A session of the Crystal Bath can last thirty minutes to one hour. The Quartz Crystal focuses its energy there where it is necessary, according to the needs of the person thus, the reactions following a session varies from one person to another.

The Crystal Bed is an Instrument made of seven Crystals of Quartz, very powerful amplifiers, having a high rate vibration and drawn from the ground of the quartz mines of the medium Joao Texeira Da Fari, in Brazil. It is an area recognized for its powerful Crystals with the curative capacities.

This tool is composed in 3 parts which makes it easy to transport it everywhere in the world in a travel suitcase which protects it very well.

We can also adjust the height level which permits us to put it over a bed in hospitals for the children or elderly persons who cannot be moved. We can put it over a message table and we also use it over a Sound Bed.

So when the Sound bed and the Crystal bed are united together,  it’s a deep process of great wellness that each person who experience it!!

We also use the Crystal Singing Bowls….
The proccess is different for each person.
We do not sell the Crystal bed but we can guide you to the right person in Brezil who also speaks English.

Thank You Life for this great gift!

These therapeutic techniques do not in any way constitute a medical diagnosis and is not a substitute for medical treatment.
If in doubt, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

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