About me

Image_About_UsDomenico Panaccione therapist and artist with sounds he did a few workshops in Canada, the United-States and also in France so this brought him to sounds. With the knowledge gained and his own experiments he developed his own technique in sound therapy. In all simplicity he shares this technique using various instruments including the Crystal Singing Bowls. The issuance of these particular sounds brings a mental relaxation, meditation and deep relaxation. The sounds touch us at all levels.

The Crystal Singing Bowls came in their lives 17 years ago. He shares and also distributes these instruments. The persons can contact me to choose a singing bowl or other instruments like the clear crystal pyramids or color (Alchemy).

After 8 years in Europe Domenico is back in Quebec Canada. He is happy to be back and to be able to share with each one his new experiences and new therapeutic instruments that he discovered while in Europe. The Crystal Bed is part of these new instruments that he proposes to you to experience. This experience is to be lived and is unique… This work became for him a mission: to raise awareness of the power of sounds and of their vibrations and their beneficial wellness effects. They do activities of animations in schools, hospitals and others…this brings joy, promotes healing and reduces the sufferance. They also give Concerts, workshops and consultations in different provinces and also at his house look at the calendar of activities to see where he will be. If this interests you to organize different events in your home town or if you need information you can contact them at: etoilescristallinesgmail.com
Cell : 514-219-7503
Pleasure to meet you and share Domenico

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